The fabrics used in this series are old and antique fabrics. I found these fabrics in a secret box of my grandmother and was so excited when I found them that I spent a long time studying what to do. I had a hard time embroidering these antique fabrics because I was afraid it might be damaged. I am happy to show you my works dedicated to my grandmother.

Zaman Ör(ün)tüsü (1).jpeg
Zaman Ör(ün)tüsü (2).jpeg

This fabric is 50 years old

Zaman Ör(ün)tüsü  l  Cover Of Time, 2021
Embroidery technique on  fabric
96x98 cm

Bir Avuç Hayat.jpeg
Bir Avuç Hayat 3.jpeg
Bir Avuç Hayat 4.jpeg
Bir Avuç Hayat 2.jpeg

This fabric is 80 years old

Bir Avuç Hayat l A Handfull of Life ,  2021
Embroidery technique on  fabric
90x130 cm