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Hi, I am Gizem Konyar. I was born in Adana in 1988. I am a self-taught fiber artist living in Ankara- Turkey.  My artistic journey started in 2014 with my interest in handicrafts and I continued to explore my artistic self with embroidery. My works are divided into two groups.
1. Handmade embroidery
2. Free Hand Machine Embroidery

The common point of the images I use and describe the lives of people in different regions of Turkey is their subjectivity and passions. I show the audience my works that I have created in my own universe, Anatolian women / people / children and their natural and pure lives, strong women / people, helpless and various dilemmas, and my separate but interrelated works in different environments. In my fiber-based works, I use natural sheep wool from different regions of Anatolia together with the sewing technique to obtain vibrant surfaces. In this context, I use the converging, healing and transformative effects of animals and humans. Emphasizing that what is told in all my works is actually our story, I present a synthesis of experiences and dreams that we all know.